Landlords – Case Study

How roof cover can help you save thousands per year

Landlords are well aware that maintaining and repairing roofs is not cheap, and the best way to avoid unforeseen costs is to stay fully informed about the state of your roof and fix small issues as and when they arise.  This is why we offer deals for landlords on roof insurance – because we know that if you have multiple properties then roof repairs can get costly very quickly.  As a landlord, if you purchase your roof cover from us on multiple properties then we will provide you with a cheaper price per property.


Why Cover Your Roof?

Many people do not understand the importance of covering their roof, but it is absolutely vital that you do so.  If you are looking to sell your home, buildings or offices, your roof needs to be in a good condition, and that means having any damages or wear and tear needs to be taken care of beforehand.  However, often insurance companies won’t cover these kinds of damages or repairs unless the roof has been maintained to good enough standards – this means that your repairs could cost you a lot of money when you’re getting ready to sell!