How roof cover can help you save thousands per year

Landlords are well aware that maintaining and repairing roofs is not cheap, and the best way to avoid unforeseen costs is to stay fully informed about the state of your roof and fix small issues as and when they arise.  This is why we offer deals for landlords on roof insurance – because we know that if you have multiple properties then roof repairs can get costly very quickly.  As a landlord, if you purchase your roof cover from us on multiple properties then we will provide you with a cheaper price per property.

Under our insurance plans, If you are a landlord and you wish to have the roof of one of your properties checked and recommended works carried out, we would provide you with an annual limit to spend on repairs should it be needed, in order to help with the costs.  In doing this, you could save thousands on unforeseen repairs by maintaining your roof and purchasing roof cover.

Why should I pay for roof cover?

Roof repairs do not come cheap, and this cost only rises when repairs come up on more than one of your properties at once.  Having roof insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your roofs are covered on all of your properties, as well as knowing that they are undergoing bi-annual inspections and gutter cleans.  This type of maintenance is what prevents damage to the structure of the property and bigger, more disruptive repairs further down the line.

Furthermore, covering your roof will make your tenants happier, as they will know that the roof is being regularly checked and maintained.  It also significantly reduces the likelihood of you receiving an emergency phone call in the middle of the night call about a leaking roof.  We ensure that there is no danger of damage to the roof when we carry out inspections.

This is also useful for If you go on to sell the property at any point, properties can gain additional value when the previous owner can prove they have paid to have the roof regularly maintained and inspected, because it guarantees that no repairs will be necessary at that time.

Finally, If you are ever in a position where you have to claim on your building’s insurance for damage done to your property due to storms and bad weather, claims can be rejected on the grounds of poor maintenance of the roof.  However, if you’ve had regular inspections done by us we can provide images and proof of the roof’s condition to show the validity of the claim.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it makes sense to insure the roof of all of your properties as a landlord.  This will save you a lot of money down the road, as well as providing you and your tenants with peace of mind.  Contact us today to take the first step towards covering your roofs!